Transforming Suffering Into Peace


Die To The Past.001This Week’s Newsletter: TRANSFORMING SUFFERING INTO PEACE

Hello! It’s good to come back to wrting the newsletter. I apologize that it has been 2 weeks since the last one. It’s been a whirlwind of a time, as my grandmother had passed on to the heavens 2 weeks ago, and I took my Yoga certification test last week…oh yeah, and I’m moving to Hawai’i this week as well! Wow…well, with this all shared, let us continue into today’s message!

This excerpt comes from Eckhart Tolle’s book; “The Power of NOW.” I was guided to write this, as I kept seeing the number 222 during my walks, then when I felt guided to open his book, I turned it to page 222 and understood the confirmation.

“When there is no way out, there is still always a way THROUGH.

So don’t turn away from the pain. Face it.

Feel it fully. Feel it–don’t think about it! Express it if necessary, but don’t create a script in your mind around it. Give all your attention to the feeling, not the person, event, or situation that seems to have caused it….

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Give Like You Mean It!

Give With Sincerity.001

This Week’s Newsletter is: “Give Like You Mean It!
You can’t fake the feeling, without feeling! This was a song I heard that really resonated.
Last week’s message was about Manifesting, but in order to truly manifest, you have to have;

…and the best intention to have in your heart and mind is Sincerity.

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Keep Manifesting Greatness!

Keep Manifesting Greatness!.001


Have you ever really wanted something to happen, or really wanted to get something that you couldn’t afford?
So you wished, and prayed, and hoped,…and wished, and prayed and hoped some more, and it happened?!

What you did, is you “Manifested” it into reality!

…But then after you received your manifestation, did you notice that things started to happen not as how you expected?

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When You Release…


This Week’s Message is: “RELEASE”


You know, last Sunday I was listening to a message from New York Times best selling author, and spiritual teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein, talk about getting your power back when you “Release” or let go from the control of expectations or false beliefs in relationships.

Before I Continue, Use This Moment to Take in a Nice Deep Breath, Pause, and Exhale…

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